Labor Edit

Need help,

In labor edit. There is one user who is having dynamic checkboxes ticked by default. I am not sure how it is set to true whenever user loads the form. I can see there is no customization and personalisation done on Labor Edit form. This problem persists with only one user.

Don’t know why. What I need whenever user loads the form, the dyanmic checkboxes is set to false by default.

any points that I can check?

Maybe remove defaults? In the actions menu:


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I did but that too doesn’t work. Should I close and open Epicor after I do save defaiults?

You did it or the user who has the issue did it?

I did it.

This is like a personalization so the user must do it.

And to be really clear, the user must press “Remove Defaults” to clear the time they accidentally hit Save Defaults while having the Dynamic box checked.

Yea. got it. I think you said it right. I remove the defaults and they later accidently hitting dynamic box to true.

it is working now :slight_smile:
Thanks Mark and JasonMcD. I appreciate :slight_smile:

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