Labor rate in DMT

So someone decided to put all of the employee labor rates to 0 thinking that it would default to the resource group value. It doesn’t. So now we have 3 weeks of labor rates of 0 in the system. Is it possible to DMT in the correct labor rates for at least some of those records? I tried a DMT into out pilot system and haven’t been able to get anything to stick. Any ideas?

I’m thinking that we’ll have to make individual adjustments to fix these jobs…

Have you posted them already? If you haven’t posted them, you could get the same fix script that Epicor sent me for the bug in E10.1.500.14 where LaborRate is 0 for records when you have security on the field. Actually, I think the SQL they sent actually DOES affect posted records, but we didn’t like that so we modified it slightly.

LOL - I was going to link you to the topic here ( Production Labor Rate Is Zero (MES) ) but then I realized you already replied there. Guess you figured it out a little more thoroughly what was going on.

Thanks for the reply. I think that we still have an issue where there are some labor transactions that have a zero rate sprinkled in all over, but concurrently, there was conversation going on about whether to use blended rates or not, and so they set them to 0. Someone noticed that small jobs had no labor cost (because those are the ones that start and finished with the 0’s first) and that’s when I looked at it more in depth and found the date that everything went to zero. BUT there are still other unexplained 0’s in the system outside of those dates, luckily it doesn’t seem like it’s very many, so it’s probably inconsequential, but something that we will have to get fixed eventually.

Does the fix script only fix the bad records? Or is there something that can do to fix the root cause of the problem?