Unknown Labor Costs on Job

I have a job that is posting labor costs, but these should have all been zeroed out.
Where are these costs coming from??

Any costs on the underlying Resources in the Resource group?

Mark W.

Nope. They are all marked as “Use Resource Group Values”.

It looks like everything prior to 12/8 has a cost whereas after is $0.
It stands to reason that this employee’s production rate was zeroed out on the 8th, right?
I’m being told everything was zeroed out “months ago”, but it seems like this one was missed and changed later.
Am I way off base with that theory?

That’s something I was going to suggest but figured others knew more about it than I did. Check the employees other labor transactions to further proves that theory. I would think you would see a change with all of the labor transactions.

Any chance they are coming from the Employee record?

That’s exactly where it should be coming from, but the employee record currently shows $0.00.

Missed that in the screenshot.

Do you use Roles? There could be rates attached to those.

to take a page from @aidacra s book

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I’m thinking this record was missed.
Following @Banderson’s advice, I ran a BAQ. There’s clearly a cutoff.
Thanks everyone!