Linking Misc. PO Charges to Jobs

Good morning Epicor community!

The purchaser at my job has asked if we are able to link miscellaneous charges (i.e. environmental charges) on outside processing PO’s to jobs. Currently, these miscellaneous charges are not reflected on the job cost, they just show up as a separate charge. The goal in mind is to have specific miscellaneous charges link to a job so they are reflected on the job costing.

Epicor support was not helpful at all, and suggested reaching out to a consultant. I am not sure on how this could be accomplished, or if it is even possible, but wanted to reach out to the gurus here and see if anyone has any suggestions or advice on how to make this happen.

As always, I appreciate any help provided!

Is this PO a subcontract operation?

Yes, these would be for a Subcontract Operation PO type.

This needs to be done on the Supplier Price List. There are fields under the Subcontract Operations card labelled “Misc Amt” and “Misc Code” for the dollar amount and Miscellaneous Charge code they will be assigned to. This Price List record must be related to the Supplier ID and the Subcontract OpCode.

This charge will then be added to the costing of the job itself.

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Does it show up on the production detail report when you do that @Ernie ?

I just discovered this last week when one of my own clients had the same issue, so I dived into the Job Costing Technical Reference manual where I found this nugget and let them know. Although they haven’t tested it yet (and therefore I can’t say for certain), it really OUGHT TO show up in the Production Detail report.

I won’t be with them again until later in the week, but I’ll try and remember to check then and see if it’s been tested.

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It is a great guide.

Thanks in advance for any follow up Ernie!

Thanks @Ernie
We’ll give it a shot and let you know what we find out!

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Mike, would you mind verifying if you see it on the production detail report using Ernie’s suggestion? It’s no problem if that’s too much of a burden. I can do it myself just as well.

Sure, no problem at all.
I’ve passed this along to our purchaser, and once we test it on a single supplier/part/operation, I’ll run the production detail report and let you know.

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Sweet Mike, thank you!!! :pray:

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