Linking Requisitions to POs

Has anyone developed way to reflect the requisition number on the corresponding purchase order?

I should have said, looking for an automated way to pull the requisition number onto the resulting PO. I know the info can be manually typed, but it seems the system should create a link.

If you generate the PO from the requisition through PO Suggestions then the Requisition will automatically be linked.

Thanks for the response. Yup, we are using PO Suggestions to issue the corresponding orders. But where can you find a reference to the requisition number on the PO?

I believe it’s on the PO Release. I can’t remember if it’s visible on the PO Entry screen or not, though.

In the requisition detail you have the po num, po line and po release num

We know the PO is referenced on the requisition, but we are looking for a reference to the requisition on the PO. Does that exist?

@Jackie_Braith unfortunately ReqNum isn’t on any of the PO tables Header,Detail and Rel that I’ve seen at least.

Are you needing to see the Req Number on PO Entry or Tracker?
The first thing that thing that comes to mind is adding a tab on the tracker screen through Sheet Wizard. Then have it display a dashboard that you made with all of the Req details. Here’s an example below.

Note, on the BAQ/Dashboard I only brought over a few fields but you can bring over as many as you would like.

Another way is to add a UD Field and add the req number there with a BPM but that would be more work then the route suggested above.

Let me know if you have any questions.

@Jackie_Braith This is pretty straight forward. Comments from suggestions are transferred to the PO when it is generated. A simple bpm to copy the req number to the comment on Posugg.GetRowsPlant is all that is needed. The steps are below and the bpm is attached.

Req to Comment.bpm (13.8 KB)

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You could add a Foreign Key View to your PO screen. Use the PO Rel table as the parent as shown in the following image. Once the Foreign key view is added, you can then add the Req number to your PO Entry screen.

To add a Foreign Key View, click Tools > Data Tools in the Customization Tools Dialog

@gpayne I was able to get this to work for me (Thank you!)… but only in Classic. In Kinetic, I don’t get the ReqNum or Line to come through. Do you happen to know why this would be and/or how to fix?

bpms should be the same in both. I am at Insights so I can’t test, but do a trace a to see if the data got moved. You might have to put them into a bpm variable to carry them thru.