Why not show purchase number on requisition after create po suggestions?

After I create PO sugestions, at line 15, I can not see PO number on requisition.

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You won’t see it in your noted current action/status area. That’s where you’ll see sent for approval, sent for purchase, etc. You will see it under Lines/Detail on the Requisition Tracker per screenshot below. Also, in order for the link to occur, the buyer needs to process the New PO suggestion for “buy” through workbench or new PO suggestion list. They’ll see the new purchasing suggestion based on the approved requisition sent to buyer for purchase,



I cant see it on my Requisition tracker. And I want to know why I won’t see the PO number at Line 15 in my Requisition. This PO is approved and closed. And at other lines, I can see the PO number.


It looks like you have your Req tracker customized. I don’t see any PO number/line field on this tab. Assuming that you are looking at a tab that has PO data for the other lines (which standard Req Tracker shows) you will not get PO number / line data here if the buyer did not use the new PO suggestion created from the Requisition line to buy. The buyer has the option to purchase for the requisition lines on a per line basis. The buyer needs to click “buy” on each new PO suggestion and then “generate purchase orders” for the requisition lines to get linked to the PO lines. If the buyer fails to do this then no link.

You could have the line on the PO to buy the part that was on requisition if the buyer manually added the line in PO entry. Or you may not have the part on the PO if they missed it and did not manually add it to PO. Timephase on the part will show what open PO(s) have the part getting purchased.

Note, we have had difficulties with buyers occasionally deleting New PO suggestion for requisition / line and it goes away and does not come back on MRP or generate suggestions run (in v 10…1.600xx). Therefore, we have a bpm to send message to buyer, this is a req line, do you really want to delete the PO suggestion for it?

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Yes, looks to me like you have a custom tracker form?
Ref screenshot of the unmodified Requisition Tracker (v E10.1.6) with a “PO Information” section at the bottom

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When the PO is created from a request the Request Number is saved in the PORel table. Check to see if the PORel.ReqNum is populated. If not then either the PO was not created from the request or possibly a bug?

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