Inventory WIP Reconciliation Report

Is there a way to add PO Number to the Inventory WIP Reconciliation Report?

Yes, but it isn’t “simple”. The best way I can find is to join by RcvDtl.PartNum = Recon.PartNum and RcvDtl.ReceiptDate = Recon.TranDate.
Then in the report Recon.TmpReference LIKE ‘%’ + RcvDtl.PackSlip + '% (you can also filter by Supplier, but that requires another table).
This will NOT be efficient, but it should give you a PO.


  • Create Dynamic Segment value in COA for PO numbers. Auto create values.
  • Modify the posting rule to store the transaction PO number in the dynamic segments.
  • PO number will be part of your GL account.
  • Its gives you clear picture of AP clearing account if there is any balance it belongs to which PO.

But this is not a best practice, because there is no point in adding all the sub-ledger information to the GL.

If you really need it, give a try by modifying the posting rule transaction description.

Thanks for the replies. After further review with our team here, a BAQ with more detailed information seems to be a better option.

I put in an idea to add the PartTran TranNum to the COS/WIP report dataset. The PartTran table is included in the data that the report BO uses but they never write the TranNum to the report dataset. If Epicor adds the PartTran.TranNum to the report dataset, without even changing the the report at all, you can now join to the PartTran table and extend the report as much as you would like.


Added my 3 cents to the pile. It should be very easy to drill down into transactions and get us the information we really need to see or provide us ways to get there easily.

-I would like to see a BAQ example if anyone has one…

I gave that one a +3 vote on Ideas. Yes, this is long overdue.