Load graph and capacity dashbord for 8.03

Hi Vantage Group,
I am looking for a nice looking dashboard with some load-graphs on it.
The standard Resource Schedule Load Graph is not working correctly in
patch 305B so I need a replacement for that. I would like to have some
nice looking column-charts with in the X-axis the Weeknumber and/or
MonthNAME instead of dates like mm/dd/yyyy.
If I select Column-chart in the current Resource Schedule Load Graph,
you'll see the Hours Capacity, Hours Loaded and WhatifHours separate on
the X-axis and I would like to have them merged (like it was in Vantage
6.x ;-)
Is there a way of having rounded values on the Y-axis?
Can anyone please help me?

Bert Jan James
Macroscoop B.V.