"Log out" of ECM from within Kinetic

Kinetic 2022.2, ECM 22.1.85, both on-prem

Attachment Type for ECM all set with a default username and password.

For testing, I’ve had everyone using that default username and password, but now I’ve set up a bunch of Document Types (in Kinetic) with matching Content Types/Security Classes/Groups (in ECM). How do I reset a user’s Kinetic username/password so that it asks them to login when attaching or viewing a document from within Kinetic?

There’s a “remember me” checkbox on that login screen… how long does that “remember” last?

Good question - I don’t know but will take a look around when I get a minute.

First/Easiest/Safest thing to try would be to delete the Epicor client cache. If doing it through the UI doesn’t fix it, then I’d do it manually via Windows Explorer.

Do you use default username and pwd in ECM? In that case it is not the same as Kinetic user, no need to reset Kinetic

No joy on either one… same error.

But Epicor Support to the rescue! They sent me a KB article (KB0066145) for E10 and “DocStar Password Reset”

launch E10
Go to Preferences
Check ‘clear docstar account cache’ and then click ‘OK’
Now the user should be prompted to enter their new credentials

In Kinetic the label says, “Clear ECM account cache”, but you get the gist.

Unfortunately that didn’t work. I still am not prompted for a username.

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There IS a default username and password for ECM, but I want SOME users to be able to user their own I don’t want EVERYONE uploading documents… but EVERYONE needs to be able to see them.

Support sent me the DocStar Password Reset KB article, which I followed, but after clearing my ECM account cache I am not prompted for a username and password.

What transfer type is specified in Attachment Maintenance?

It is set as “File Transfer using Service”.

Then the file is uploaded on the server first and then placed in DocStar using credentials you specified for the server in Attachment Type Maintenance. All attachments from everybody are using same credentials, so it is not possible to “I don’t want EVERYONE uploading documents”. Server does all the work.

Thanks @Olga, that’s the functionality we discovered in testing, but I didn’t know the reasoning behind it. I added a couple of BPMs to filter on security group and document type that prohibit the actions I don’t want.

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