Log users form or menu usage

Before I go building something, is there any log of users form or menu usage?

I don’t need records of anything they did, just the fact that they launched a form. Basically a record of the form (or menu ID used to launch it), the userid, and the date/time. The customization selected would be nice to have too.

And if not, is there any way to do it with BPM’s instead of customizing every form, to include some code in the OnLoad() function?

Not sure if this covers it but it sounded interesting…

I looked into this recently, and it seems you have to buy the add-in to get a boxed version as Bruce’s post shows. As for the BPM, some stack traces show Ice.GenXData.GetByID firing for most forms (sometimes firing multiple times, I personally didn’t need this much info at the time). I opted to just track dashboard usage with a BPM on Ice.DashBoard.GetDashboardVersionInTenant writing to a UD table.