Menu Log of User Activity

Logs entry program, tracker, dashboard or report selected from menu. (menu item, date and user)
Would only need 1 record entry per day per item per person so if you ran a report 10 time in one day you only need to record the user activity once.

Answers Questions:
What reports and dashboards are ran daily, weekly, monthly or yearly?
Bob\Betty left the company or went on vacation so what did they run daily, weekly, monthly, etc.?
Were rolling out a new module, who is or is not using it?
What reports, dashboards, entry programs, trackers do not get used anymore and can be removed?

I love this idea and think we should broaden this enhancement a bit because it would be really helpful to get more stats. Let’s include last access / number of access times over the last X amount of time for Menus, BAQs, RDDs, Styles/Routing Rules, Menus, BPMs, Customizations, etc.

Some of those can be inferred +/- a ballpark, but, it is challenging to know with any degree of certainty which items are actually in use on a regular basis.

Not sure it’s proper for me to use this venue for advocating for enhancements, so, Epicor dev, my apologies :zipper_mouth_face:


The server trace can provide a lot of this kind of data.

Agreed, today there are some ways to get a rough idea hence the +/- ballpark. It’s a lot of work, relatively speaking, to get at that info from the server-trace. I don’t enjoy parsing months worth of server-trace files in the PDT :confused:

  1. Server tracing isn’t enabled by default (that is a different request for another day)
  2. You have to know exactly how to look for this data in the server-trace (not user friendly)

A simple dashboard would be fantastic. If I had to go parse a server trace, I doubt I’d get around to doing it (unless Epicor or one of the wizards here came up with SQL script or BAQ)…

This would be very useful to evaluate our custom dashboards and reports when folks say “I NEEEEEEEEEEEED THIS EVERY DAY!!” and then we can see if the new report, dashboard, etc only got used once… :slight_smile:


Just curious if anything has been developed for this request. Tracking this type of usage would be very valuable.

If one was so inclined, they could potentially put a BPM and log against GenXData method GetList and use just a bit of filtering.

  <localTime>2/4/2019 22:11:32:1647153 PM</localTime>
  <executionTime total="11" roundTrip="10" channel="0" bpm="0" other="1" />
    <parameter name="whereClause" type="System.String"><![CDATA[Key2 = 'App.PayMethodEntry.PayMethodForm']]></parameter>
    <parameter name="pageSize" type="System.Int32"><![CDATA[0]]></parameter>
    <parameter name="absolutePage" type="System.Int32"><![CDATA[0]]></parameter>
    <parameter name="morePages" type="System.Boolean"><![CDATA[False]]></parameter>

There is an extended solution named Menu Usage tracker on Epicweb. I believe that might do what you want.

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Are Extended Solutions available for SaaS users? Is CSG training developers to be more cloud-aware (SaaS or not)?

It may be on a case by case basis. My guess is primarily for on prem. …Esteemed Epicor contributors, feel free to chime in. :slight_smile: :