Machine Maintenance thru Vantage 4

You can add thru the VBFORM's fields or just one big comment box for all the
machine codes, specs, purchase date or whatever.
I have a Vantage Work Center for each machine in my plant.
We create a job for each WORKCENTER with operations for Mechanical,
Electrical, Rebuilds, etc...
That is for maintenance to clock into for machine repair work. We just get
hours by employee or machine for Month to Date or Year to Date costs. We
have a paper card system filed by Work Center for details.
We are talking about doing Preventative Maintenance next, but have not
started. My guess is we will create a PM job for each WorkCenter operations
for each monthly task to be done.


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Subject: [Vantage] Machine Maintainence thru Vantage 4

we are trying to be ISO registered and part of this is to document
everything we do, and Vantage is a Major player in this, but we are
wondering how any one else logs the Machines into Vantage (not to
just list them and not just the work center)

We would like to be able to add all information about our machines,
receive date, origin, type, Manufacturer, Location placed, any
special contact #'s or reps, and especially a Preventive Maintainence
Plan or procedures for said machine. Not just this, but we want to
include any needed maintainence that may be needeed as well as have
it called to attention if a specific date for maintainence pass
before anyone has logged into it.

We were considering making a job entry for maintaince, but this does
not seem right.

Have any of you done this? if so How, where? are any of you ISO
registered? and if so how closely is Vantage tied to it?

Thank You,
Kevin Fitzpatrick
MIS Admin
C&K Plastics

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