Mailing list mode - has it stopped working?

Has the mailing list mode stopped working? I haven’t received any emails from forum since 1:12 PM ET yesterday. I checked our email security service and no messages are being quarantined.

Really? Is that because AWS allows only a single contact person or because there simply isn’t anyone designated to serve as a backup for Jose?

Jose typically handles our email related issues. Because we run this on the side amongst our full time gigs cross training hasn’t been high on the to-do list. Additionally every time we make a configuration change (as I just did) it takes Discourse down for 5-10 minutes which we try to avoid if we can. This is what the 502 yesterday was as well as we tried to figure out what was going on with email.

Jose on vaca and email down is our perfect storm for deliverability. I’ve made further adjustments we’ll see what we get from here.

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