Notification E-Mails

Is anyone else noticing an issue with the e-mail notifications not coming in from the E10 forum? It looks like our spam filtering service is bouncing them all since late last week. The from address is showing up instead of the the like they were before.


I’m still receiving emails from today

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We do use amazon ses to send emails but it should be coming from domain… odd I’ll investigate.

Just wanted to make sure it wasn’t something outside of our control. I’ll look into it on our side. Perhaps something got tagged automatically and it’s bouncing them now.

Thanks for the feedback.

I received one message from the off-topic list but nothing from the E10 group though. I suspect MimeCast is doing something odd with them inbound.

I just sent one and as far as I can see the from is coming from the correct location
And we are passing DKIM which should placate most SPAM filters

We (Amazon SeS) is in one Black List SORBS-SPAM however this is normal since they are a mass email sending service they get put on lists all the time and then de-listed, our NO-SPAM score is 9/10

Though I do see the bounce address is pointing to amazonses… I’ll see if I can fix that somehow.

I’m sure you’d have been inundated by others by now if it were wide spread. I will reach out to our filtering service to see what they can deduce. It’s indicating that they are hard bouncing the e-mails which would make it sound like it was a problem with our exchange environment. However, I had it set up so that the forum e-mails wouldn’t come in unless i released them.

I’ll relay more info tomorrow once i track down what’s going on.

Thanks for the quick response!

I did find a new feature to set a specific Mail From for SPF Records. I will work on making that happen so that you no longer see amazonses

All right all emails should now come from as a secondary mail from with DKIM and SPF no more amazonses. Hopefully that helps

Everything’s been good on my end

Lol at being blacklisted