Make a table field updateable in a customization of a dashboard

EDIT: Got my answer, you can delete this

Hi, I have a dashboard called ‘Project Dashboard’.
I want that in one of my window (Project Material), I can modify the required date for the material like that:

I changed that in my custo so the ‘Required Date’ field is not read only:

But when i close the form and reopen it, it’s still read the column property is still read only:

How can I do that? I don’t know why the fields in the first image are updateable, they are not read only but I figured that by doing the same thing it might work but it’s not,


Instead of asking to delete this thread, maybe you could elaborate on how you fixed the problem. It’s likely others have the same question, and even when you answer your own question, it may be of value to someone else.


Right, sorry.

I started by making my BAQ updatable. After this, still in the BAQ page, I went into the ‘Update’ tab. I chose the method that I wanted to update the field (BPM on X table). In ‘General Properties’ under ‘Update’ table, I checked the field that I wanted to update: JobMtl_ReqDate.

With that in mind, I went back to my Dashboard. In my query property, I checked ‘updatable’ and I also checked the field that i want to update in my table

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Now that you got that working, do you find that specific update takes a really long time? I have basically the same dashboard, but whenever I try to use it, it takes a couple of minutes for the BO to finish. I’m assuming it’s because we have very large jobs, but I was curious if it’s slow for you too?

We’re still customizing our Epicor before we launch it next year but so far, it’s not so long. I added a button in my dashboard to update the required date of selected rows and it isn’t really long. It takes less than a second to update 5-6 dates as far as I can tell

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