Manufactured part scenario

We are wanting to manufacture 4 parts at the same time but not turn them into single part number, we would like them to stay as four separate parts as this is how the customer lists them on their bill of material requirements – all the parts are made at exactly the same time in a single milling machine.

I have attached a example of what we are trying to achieve, is this possible to do within Epicor?

It has been my experience with machine shops that a lot of parts can be similar and done at the same time. One way is to simply have 4 jobs and the operator start production activity on all 4 to calculate cost. In reality you are making 4 unique items. if the parts are identical which I have seen also but the customer wants different part numbers on or something. Make them as one part to a material on job that a shipper or someone putting the final number on will have just that one operation. I hope this helps

I believe that the co-parts function is for this scenario.

Whether you have this available or not depends on your licensing and

I believe you need the advanced production license for this.

I think it came out in 9.05.70x.



Hi Brad,

i have heard of co-parts before but i don’t have a great understanding of they work, plus we don’t have the advanced production license so i think we are abit snookered at the moment…


Hi Matt,

I am not sure four jobs would work for us as it could over complicate the process, currently MRP creates the job to make this part, but as i say it must be possible to create four parts within one job via MRP but then the tricky part i guess is adding all four parts to the bill of material for the finished part.

I thinking that Plan as Assembly may work?


You could use job batching if they are all top level parts - similar to co-parts but you just batch the milling op on the four other jobs into one batch job - you then clock off the quantities.

If you don’t have advanced production you could try create a “make to job” job - I think MRP looks at the bom and creates the “make to job” jobs - would still be four route cards.

Only other way I can think would be to create a dummy parent part, say customerpart-milling - add the four parts as sub assemblies each with a single milling op. This would create one job with four sub assemblies. You would add the customerpart_milling to the bom as a make to job part - MRP would create only one job - apologies I have no idea if you can do multi-level bom’s without advanced production so this may be moot.

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thanks for that information, that is worth thinking about.

Does the Customer want the 4 parts listed on their Sales Order Acknowledgement, PackSlip or AR Invoice?