Can anyone share a Method that has been completed to handle 2 co parts (example a left and right coming of a single mold)

Each part has its own forecast
Each part is listed separate on a sales order
Parts are mfg in the same mold concurrently

I would like them on the same job so that it only consumes the proper time as both parts are running concurrently

I see lots of info on how to do it on a job but was lead to believe a method to handle this can be setup in the engineering work bench

The goal is to properly get the correct job and materials suggestions

First of all, you need to have the Advanced Production module to use the Co-Parts functionality.

In the Engineering Workbench, there is a Co Parts tab beneath the Revision tab where you define the additional parts created when you create the “main” part (you get to choose which one is which).

Basically it’s the same engineering process as a single part, it’s just that 2 (or more) output parts are created for the same materials and operations. If you sell your parts separately on different sales order lines, then your job would have two demand links, one for the left part and one for the right part. The job itself will show a production quantity for the SUM of the 2 requirements.

Epicor has a co-part functionality… you create the BOM for Part1-Right, and specify that you will get Part1-Left at the same time. You can also define the percentage of cost that goes to the co-part in case it should get a different percentage.
Then you sell both Part1-Right and Part1-Left, and the system will work.
In situations where sales for the Right and Left vary (one being bigger than the other sometimes) you can also create a BOM for Part1-Left, and specify the Part1-Right as a co-part… this way, if you need more lefts than rights, you will get a job to make the left parts.
There are some situations where you make parts by the SHEET full… You can get 10 part1s from the sheet, and also get 2 part2s as a copart… but when you need more part 2s, you may have the bom designed to get 6 part 2s, and only 1 part1 as a copart.
My do-nut example works here… When you roll out your donuts, you get 12 round donuts, and 30 donuts + 32 donut holes (the holes between the donuts and the holes from the inside of the donut). So an order job of 12 donuts gives you 30 holes as a copart… but you could simply cut 80 holes and skip the donuts. This way, if you have a large order of donut holes, the system will make the Holes instead of the donuts.


@JMH6271 I used to set these methods up all the time. It’s fairly easy.

You need the full shot weight. Then you need to know how much each part weighs and how much the runner weighs.

Here is how I handled the math needed to find a percentage of weight for each half:

Part A weighs 10 grams
Part B weighs 15 grams
The full shot weight is 40 grams

Part A + Part B = part weight
10 + 15 = 25
10 / 25 = 40%
15 / 25 = 60%

In your method, you choose one half to be the parent and one half to be the child. For our example, Part A will be the parent and part B will be the child.

When you set up the PPH (parts per hour), you need to set that up for how many A + B parts the machine can produce in 1 hour. For our example, let’s say it’s 100 per hour (50 A parts and 50 B parts).

Now you have everything you need to create the method. Use part A’s part number for the part (you will add Part B’s part number in the co-parts area later). Add your operation with a Prod Std of the PPH you calculated for both parts (100). When adding the resin as a material, use the full shot weight of 40 grams (enough for both parts plus the runner) as the Qty/Parent.

Go to the Revision > Co Parts tab and click new. Add your child part (in our example Part B). I then click on the List view so I can see both parts. For the parent part A, change the Material Cost Factor to the percentage you calculated earlier (in our example it was 40). Leave everything else the same as it appears. Make sure the Primary Costing Method is checked. For the child part, add the percentage you calculated for part B (our example, 60). Check the Prevent Suggestions checkbox.

Check it in and you should be good.

Hi Beth,

One more question are you using PCID Module and did you have issues with this method setup?


Hi Jeanne,

No we weren’t using the PCID Module at the time.

The only issue we had with co parts is when scrapping out parts. You can only scrap the parent part through MES when clocking out of the job. To get around this, I would have them End Activity normally and all the parts were taken to stock. Then we would non-conform the parts from Inventory because at that point, they were two separate part numbers. Hopefully that makes sense.

Yes it does, I aware of the scrapping issue.


One more

How did you handle the method when you have 2 or more co parts that are assembly on the same job

EX: Mold is making 3 different parts in one pass - Operation 10 Mold

All three parts are assembled and packed -Operation 20 Assem Pack


For that, we had just one part number (the final part number that was being made). When reporting quantities, we counted them as sets, not individual parts. So each set of parts A, B and C were counted as one Part 123.

Hi Beth,

I have another question

My method has been completed and I released a job but am confused when I went to report against it.


I am unable to report against the 2nd operation of Pack and I also don’t see how my quantity complete for the second part can be recorded. Highlighted areas greyed out


I am also confused as to why the same job number is showing for both parts in Time Phase and I see the demand for both on the job just not seeing quantity complete for the copart. I set this up for 2 parts made in the same mold but the will be received to stock as separate parts and will get label and boxed as such. To do that they need to show parts completed against them individually. Did I miss something in my steps


Hi Jeanne,

You need to go to the Co-Parts tab in Time and Expense Entry to report the quantities for the 2nd operation:


When you get to that tab, you will see an area for reporting the quantity of each part.

Try that and I think it will clear up some of the confusion. You should be able to receive them to stock from the job as individual parts.

I must be having a rough day, I totally missed that and now I see what you mean



No worries! I’m happy to help! And someone else on here is helping me with a problem I’m having :grinning:

As a side note, when you look at costing, it should show labor split equally for each part but the material will be split by the percentages. Those material percentages should always sum to be 100.

Lol I am thankful for this user site……



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Hi Beth,

Another quick questions=

Since I have two operations the first be the molding of the parts which when I report against it, when I report one piece complete against this operation it is technically a set of parts since they each consume 50% of the cost of material since they are identical just a left and right. So if I report 2 pieces scraped at operation 10 I am actually scrap a set of 2 left and rights and consuming the proper material at that operation for all 4. If i reported .5 (1 half of the set) as scrap, I am technically only scraping out one piece of the set. The only traceability I lose is which part was actually scrapped at mold. I am looking at my costing to confirm it. I am leaning towards just adding a user defined field to time and expense that will allow me to note the actual part that was scrapped. That way I have a history of which parts are scrapped if needed. We dump all the scrap cost into one GL account but we can have a dashboard that would relate the cost back to a part if needed. What do you think about that? I am actually trying to see if that is even something they need as a molded part is usually made into regrind and the material used again in production.

HI Jeanne,

If your UOM setup allows decimals for the UOM type, that would probably work. Our UOM setup of EA didn’t allow decimals for the part count, so we couldn’t do .5 each.

Maybe I need to open a new thread to talk about this. But here it comes.
What API call do I need to use, to report the Co-part?

I actually have a Web Application with the corresponding API calls that allow me to report jobs miming the MES. Using the Labor BO(Erp.BO.LaborSvc) and Erp.BO.EmpBasicSvc/ClockOut, but I don’t see how to work with Co-Part.