Material estimates in a job for a non-stock


While I was checking the estimated costs in a job, I discovered that my non-stock part had zero cost and I would like to have one.

The method is the following the non-stock part has make direct non stock part and when we check the cost of the material it is always at zero.

Is it possible to have a cost on the material and if yes how?


First off, you’re referring to the part the job makes, and not a component of the job, correct?
And this part has Qty Bearing = FALSE, Non-Stock=TRUE?

Non-Qty Bearing parts must use Cost Method STANDARD. You can set this one of two ways.

  1. Do a cost roll-up - which takes a while to learn, but can be run on all parts like this.
  2. Manually change the Std Cost using Cost Adjustment.

Thanks for the answer, first this is a component and Qty Bearing = true and Non-stock = true.

I like the ideal of the cost roll up

What cost method do you use? If your company uses STD, you’ll need to manually set the cost.

If you use AVG or LAST, the cost is automatically set when the component is received.

If it is a purchased part, the cost on the PO is used to set the cost (this happens at the time of receipt, and not when the PO is created).

If it is a manufactured part, the cost is updated when it is received to inventory.

Big word of caution - make sure you fully understand what the “Non-Stocked” flag on a part means. Nearly everyone I’ve ever talked to about this thinks it means “non-inventoried”. But that’s not what it means.

It has more to do with planning. Think of it to mean, “I can stock, it, but really don’t want to. If i need it for a Job, I’ll make it then.”

Thanks for the information :slight_smile: