Material Tag printed from Report Quantity

Going to put this out among our Epicor gurus to see if anyone can identify what could be causing the issue we are seeing.
We have 40+ MES stations that are run from a terminal server. When our employees go to “Report Qty” and then Print tags, the material tag that prints displays the current Operation Sequence / description, the upper half of the tag. In the lower section of the tag it will print out the next Operation Sequence / description, etc and the material handler knows where to deliver the product to.
We recently added a desktop to a new area in our building. Epicor is installed on this PC which runs off of our E9 server and not the terminal server. When they go to print their tags from the MES installation on their desktop, the current operation and the next operation print out the same operation sequence. example 10 & 10 instead of 10 and 20.
I have tried printing from my desktop and I get the same 10 & 10 (Windows 7) and another co-worker prints his out and it prints with the 10 & 20 (Windows 7).
Any ideas what could be causing this behavior?
Please and thanks !!!

I am going to add to this post.
We’ve cleared cache, deleted personalizations from both.
We have determined it must be a client desktop issue.
One user on a Windows 7 desktop logged in with his windows credentials and Epicor credentials and we got the current and next operations.
He then logged into my desktop with his windows credentials and Epicor credentials and he only got the current operation.
We then went one step further and I went to his desktop and logged in with my windows credentials and my Epicor credentials and I got the current and next operation.
We’ve compared the config files between both desktops and can find no difference.
Not sure what else we could check.