Material used report with date range

Is there a report that will give us how much raw material was used by date range?


So the first thing you need to define is

  • What is “raw Material”

Every company defines “raw” differently. Where I used to work, “Wire” and “Bobbins” were “raw material”… but for the manufacturer of the Wire, their raw material was Copper, and the wire was Finished Goods.

If you are meaning “Purchased” material, then we can filter this down. There is a table called PartTrans that holds EVERY transaction for Parts (stock, non-stock, purchased, manufactured, etc). IT is the best source for the data you want. There is the Part Transaction History tracker that looks at this table, but it is one part at a time.

Probably the best “report” to use is the Inventory/WIP Reconciliation Report, which allows you to see inventory tranactions for a specific period of time. If you add a filter to show only certain types of transactions (STK-MTL is Stock being issued to a job) then you can filter down the information you want.

Another thing to define would be the word “Used”.
I’ve made a usage report before for STK-MTL and STK-CUS. The business wanted to see what was used on a job and shipped to customers.
Like Tim said all of that can come from PartTrans.

It would be resin material we use to make our parts. I did the WIP/Inventory but it doesn’t total it at that end. I would have to go through 40 pages and add them up.
What is the PartTrans? I don’t see it. I only see Part Transaction history.