MaterialQueue Method Directive

I am trying to use a method directive for materialqueue on update to change the bin a part is pulling from (primary) to a new bin to pull from. We are doing this because we want a specific part to pull from a specific bin for a specific customer. Whenever I try to use the materialqueue method it does not hit my alert message. Anyone ideas?

I would just do the update in transaction in a data directive. with a condition and a setter widget this should be a simple bpm.

CustID is not in the data directive.

That is why joins were invented to take what you have and get what you need. You have OrderNum which has the CustNum to get the CustID.

set ordernum as a variable
condition and setter

order is equal to the ordernum you set

cust is your customer ID

set the FrombinNum


Iā€™d share some additional info, like Pre\Post and the details of your BPM.

Thanks for the proposal but I am still having problems. I have scaled the BPM back where I am only trying to show a true or false message based on the order number. However, every order shows True when processing through the BPM no matter the order number.

You are not passing the current order so as long as the hardcoded order exists it will always return true.

I missed a piece of the puzzle assigning the material queue OrderNum to the variable orderNum, so you have something to use in the customer check.


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Thanks for the help. Good now.