Post Processing Method Directive to default Primary Bin

Hello all,

I need to default the Primary Bin to “Bin A” every time a new part is created, as shown:

Can anyone tell me what Business Object and Method Name I need for my directive? I know that the field I need to set is “PrimBinNum” in the “PartWhs:” table. Help?

use data directive or Part.GetNew in method directive.

Thank you for responding. I have tried several methods on the Part BO, including Part.GetNewPart and Part.GetNewPartBinInfo (I feel like this one should work), but since the field I am trying to default resides in the partWhs table and not in “Part” itself, I am not able to access the field through either of these methods.

I’m pretty sure its a method directive is what I need but can you elaborate on how one could accomplish this with a data directive? Thank you for your time.

Best to use the trace log to find the methods called when setting up a new
part. At a guess, “GetNewPart” is where’d you put it.

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This is probably one of those where you may have to use a data directive to ensure it happens ALL the time, because if you are setup at all like us, PartWhse records are created for parts “under the hood” where user method calls are not actually happening. So while GetNewPartWhse might work most of the time, it won’t work when you first setup a new part and hit save and a PartPlant / PartWhse record are created by default for you by Epicor deep in the code somewhere for Part.Update.

So, here is an example - this is an In-Transaction Data Directive we have on PartAlloc table, which default something for new records added to that table.


This is an excellent insight for me. Can you give me any further info about the custom code you activate to achieve your purpose?

Granted, the wrong table is referenced here, but I think you’ll get the idea:

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