Materials/Operation/Resource Cost: Report-BAQ-Dashboard

Needing a little insight / help in creating a baq that would produce information based on the BOM all details.
Materials - Got that part with BOM Cost report. Now to extend that information to include labor and burden (Overhead) from the BOM.

FYI - we are Backflushing everthing - Materials, Labor, Overhead.

Thanks in advance

Do you have a starting point? Show us what you have. If you already have a BAQ that gets your BOM details, then you are most of the way there!

WI_BOM.baq (38.5 KB)

My Version of BOM-MOM - has add’l info like QOH, Variance from QOH then Open PO Qty.

Has parameters of Part and Qty needed.

I would remove the qty needed parameter for the Costing BAQ.

I admit I am no expert in this area, but I believe you can pull the burden rate from the part table and sum it the same way you do with the other totals on your BAQ. To get the labor data, you will need to pull in the PartOp table. This has the setup and production standards (EstSetHours and EstProdHours). If you are looking for actual labor, then you will have to pull in the LaborHed and Dtl tables. That may be a bit more difficult.
I hope this helps!