Menu Security Worksheet

Does anyone have a worksheet they created when setting up E10 menu securities?
Ideally, it would be an expanded tree as you seen in Epicor.

No worksheet I can share, but I started with a BAQ on Ice.Menu table. The table holds the menu items, security ID, MenuID and Parent Menu ID. Hint, to get the “tree” view you want, you’ll need to attach the table multiple times to the ParentMenuID.

I pull the Item Name, Security ID, and Parent Menu ID and concatenate the “Full Menu Path” via the aliased tables. So Order Entry on the menu looks like this in the BAQ:

Name Security ID Parent Menu ID Full Menu Path
Order Entry SEC078 OMMN3000 Sales Management / Order Management / General Operations

I can then take the data and remove menu items we don’t have (all modules seem to show up even ones we aren’t licensed for). Then assign Security Groups to the SecurityIDs

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Menu Security - Group Security.xlsx (258.4 KB)


Not sure if this works for you, but the attached excel file is what I used to initially set up securities. If I knew what I knew now, I would probably done things differently, but it helped to get started. I hope it helps.


Thanks Troy–that’s exactly what I was looking for.


Thanks for your sheets it helps. Can you further explain how will you do if you have a second chance?

Well when I first started filling it out, I really didn’t know what I was doing, and I didn’t know what the functionality of all the menu items were for. As I learned what needed to be done, just by experimenting, I made some changes along the way, so the spreadsheet was not really updated for the changes I made.

By setting up the security groups, and assigning people to the groups, it allows you to make mass security changes for specific roles. This is very helpful, I recommend using Groups. I also recommend putting a “A-“ or “A_” to start your Security Group description. That way, when you are assigning securities to the menus, all your groups are at the top of the list to choose from. Otherwise, your Security Groups would be all mixed in with the User Names, since you can assign individual users to menu securities also.

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