MES - Custom code for issue material

Good day all!!

Just wondering if anyone out there has any custom code for issuing material in the work queue form within MES Data Collection Classic.

I am wanting to make this fool proof, so user can not complete any operation without material being issued and also want the correct required quantity to be issues at all times. (basically automating issue material process for production staff, so they spend less time click on within mes screen.)

Thanks in advance.

Would backflush material work for you?
When quantity is reported, it will issue the material to the job automatically.

we do backflush some material but not all… we would prefer not to backflush all material at the moment.

Would this be okay to use if the raw material is lot tracked?

It is not possible to backflush material that is lot tracked.

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You cannot backflush lot tracked parts.
First, if you want certain jobs to backflush, and the parts are not lot tracked, you might be better off creating a bpm that sets components on certain jobs (based on part number or group or class…etc) to flag them as backflushed directly on the job.
Second, if you are dealing with lot tracked parts, then you need to consider which lot you want to backflush. You could create a screen customization that pops up a window on report quantity, or embed a grid or something, that allows the user to identify the lot number at the point of production, then have that call code to process the issue material function for each record. I had done something similar to this many years ago…

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code to process the issue material function would be the best option for me.

But i am not great with c# i have done lot in but struggling to convert it over to c#