MES Kinetic

What do I add on the back to change it to Kinetic?

C:\Epicor\ERP10.2Client\Client\Epicor.exe /config=Test102.sysconfig /MES

Going from memory but I want to say /app=MES


I am not sure about the Kinetic part, but in general, for MES you can do:

/MESC is not working as per usual for customization of MES environment, do you know if MES customization has been removed?

I do know that we are not yet able to customize the Kinetic screens but it is coming - just not sure when.

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We have MES/Kenetic customisation working with base 10.2.400

@Alphanu Are you saying that the Kinetic MES screen uses your regular customization for the base MES screen? Can you elaborate if anything special needed to be done?

@Alphanu you have applied the Kinetic Like theme to the regular MES. But that is not the new Kinetic MES (available in 400)

The new Kinetic MES looks like this and is not customizable since it is written using the new Kinetic Framework (Angular) and Epicor hasn’t even finished internally with the customization engine for this interface.


Right - thanks Jose - got so excited that I didn’t really ‘see’ that the screen wasn’t the Kinetic screen. I am impatiently awaiting this to use in our deployment…


Ah I see, so kenetic is not the default MES dashboard then. My bad.

@josecgomez what argument do you use to load kenetic?

This was answered above @Alphanu

It seems I must be missing something.


^^ Gives me a message saying unable to load active homepage. ^^


^^ Loads Normal MES ^^

There’s an issue with your installation. That is the correct way of doing that.

Thanks @josecgomez I will look into it.

MES with the Kinetic theme applied is not very nice :frowning:

Yeah it’s pretty gross

Can you disable Kinetic in 400 ? If not I won’t bother upgrading until we can use our customizations.

@mmcwilliams in 400 you have to work (kinda hard) to even get to the Kinetic stuff. So don’t worry about it. It is there if you want it but it is not being shoved down your throat. (yet)


This works for me. Does anyone know if there is a URL to get to the same screen in a browser?

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Sure thing