MES not launching customization

Upgraded Epicor 10.1.400 installation last night to .26
Now MES users are not seeing customized MES menu.
I can launch MESC and select customization and it works correctly.
It works fine in 10.0.400.19

anyone have any info on how to fix?

I would guess that your .sysconfig file on the server isn’t specifying the customisation, and this .sysconfig file has been deployed to client PCs.


Use ConfigEditor on one of the affected PCs, check that you’ve got a value in MESCustomMenuID. If you find this is blank, populate with correct info then try MES again.


The sysconfig file is fine – same as it always was
It works in 10.1.400.19 and it also works in 10.1.500.11 with the same sysconfig file

It does not work in 10.1.400.24 or 10.1.400.26

is this customization still associated to the MES menu item in menu security with UDMES?

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Also for screens outside of the main screen, you have to set the process calling up:

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Support called quickly in response to the case I created. A webex session got it sorted out.
Turns out it was a PEBKAC

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