MES Web Browser asking for a user ID

We we launch the Kinetic Web Browser for MES. It is asking for a User Name and Password. We have over 200 employees and don’t want to create a user for each one. We have tried creating a generic MES user for singing in. But that is causing issues when more than one person clocks in, as it is retaining the original beginning user profile. No one is assigned this user, it is only for starting the login.

How can we just open MES Web Browser and log in and out with having to enter a password.

I am also interested to hear if anyone has thoughts on this.

We have a special domain user account, with limited access permissions, for use with our shared Time Clock workstations. On startup, this user is automatically logged in and the Kinetic MES client application is started up in the context of this user (using Windows authentication).

From there, our employees can clock in and out without being required to enter a username/password to log in.

We would like to use the Web Browser as well, but have not found a way to do this without entering credentials. For this reason, we are using the client application.

Epicor.exe /config=OurConfig.sysconfig /mode=MES

I believe Epicor is plugging its security holes and won’t be allowing anonymous logins anymore.

That’s just my speculation, but @Mark_Wonsil might know more.

Nothing to see here. I just misread the op.

We will be in the same boat. I am looking at certificate-based login with Azure AD.

Overview of Azure AD certificate-based authentication - Azure Active Directory - Microsoft Entra | Microsoft Learn

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What kind of issues ?

Interesting. We use generic login for the shop floor and I haven’t noticed this issue. If the generic login is signed in and then the employee clocks in I don’t see any other profile info. Unless I am missing something. I will have to test more

Even the classic client requires a user and a password for MES.
Not sure how this would be any different ?

When the second user is clocking in, the profile from the first user shows up in the second users profiles.

You’re going to have to be more specific.

What exactly are you doing as far as the user is concerned?
What “profile” are you referring to?