MFG Details from PO to Rcv Detail

Can anyone suggest the simplest way in Kinetic UI to get the MFG Name and MFG Part Number from PO Detail to UD Fields in Receipt Entry?

Post processing on Receipt.GetDtlPOLineInfo is where I do that.

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Hi Greg, Thanks for that i was looking at that but struggling to see what to pull and where to pull it from?

I do it in code, but did a sample with wizards. My testing was contrived since my SC01 and 02 from part aren’t used in RcvDtl, but they did show up. Change the bindings and this should be close.

E10 Get Part Info.bpm (22.9 KB)

I have changed that accordingly but cannot seem to get the mfg part num from the PO Detail to pass into the custom field on the RcvDtl table.

LOL sorry, I read to fast. I was getting them from Part. I make some changes and post them.

Same concept different source.

E10 Get PO Info.bpm (24.3 KB)

Thanks Greg, i have got the MFG Part to work, just need to do some manipulation with the Manufacturer now as it is held on the PO as the MFGNum not the name

If you make them combos with the value the MfgNum and the display the name Epicor should handle the rest.

I managed to add the Manufacture table to the BPM query and pulled it in that way.

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