Misc Charge before line discount

We have started issuing a 3% fee for credit card orders above a certain threshold. That fee is added on the sales order header as a misc. charge of 3%.

When we get to the invoice side, it appears to assess the 3% fee to each line on the invoice (rather than a single charge like the order suggests). It also calculates based on the ExtPrice before discount. Is there a workaround? Anyone else notice this?

Thanks in advance!

May be you can try selecting “First” or “Last” frequency.

  • First – This is a one-time charge applied to the first shipment on the order.
  • Last – This is a one-time charge applied to the last shipment on the order.
  • Every – This is charge is being applied against all shipments made from the order.

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We were using First.
It seems I was mistaken. The order also calculates the fee before discount. I must have overlooked it in my testing because most of the time the order does not have a discount - in which case everything looked correct. EpicCare confirmed that this is the “proper” behavior. So I’m left to try to tweak the existing BPMs to account for this.

I find myself looking for information regarding the ‘uplift’ of AR invoicing amounts on misc charge lines. I was curious how far did you get with requirement to alter the standard functionality and take the service fee after discount?

I ended up writing a BPM that calculated the flat amount (rather than use the percentage type) and it re-calculates every time MasterUpdate is called in Sales Order BO. I then made sure I calculated it after the discount was taken. Then, for posterity, I also re-calculate whenever a freight charge is added to make sure that get’s included in the misc. charge calculation. It’s been working great since we started using it a few weeks back.

you can vote on this idea so Epicor can add it on a later release.



Great idea. I am out of votes…but I left a comment.