Missing RDL Error when adding subreport

We just went through an upgrade to Kinetic and I’m trying to fix the reports that are acting up. I have one that has a subreport on it and I’m getting an error that it’s missing the RDL file for the subreport. What’s odd is the usual path it shows for reports is //EpicorERP/reports/CustomReports/ReportName but the error is saying it can’t find the report in /reports/CustomReports//EpicorERP/reports/CustomReports/ReportName.
Anyone else run into this?


Have you opened up the parent report and looked at the subreport link path?

Typically if the subreport is in the same directory as the parent you can just list the name of the subreport in that path field.

I’d be glad to connect on teams if you want to look at it.