Modification Control on UDF

I was asked to add a UDF on the Customer Shipment screen, I added Date03 to the screen. But now the shipping department wants this UDF to be able to enter date although the shipment has been invoiced.

Does anyone know I can make the UDF field accessible within the same screen?

Thank you in Advance.


@RC2020 The only way to do it on the Customer Shipment Entry screen is to not bind it to ShipHead and then on update slide it into the field to be saved.

Build them an UBAQ with an advanced update in ABL that will work now and will work when you convert up to E11.

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Hello Greg,

So would I bind it to a UDF in ShipDtl instead?

Thanks in Advance.

You would not bind it at all, then on a LostFocus event you would update the dataView field, so it could be saved.

	private static void numLTQty_LostFocus(object sender, System.EventArgs args)
		// ** Place Event Handling Code Here **
		edvEnd.dataView[edvEnd.Row]["LaborQty"] = numLTQty.Value;

Given they will have to open Customer Shipment entry to enter the one field, I would just say no and make an Updateable dashboard which has the advantage of doing multiple packs much quicker.

Do you happen to know if Kinetic can add the field without adhering to the same rules?

Thanks in advance.

Kinetic is vague. I think the proper delineation is Classic UI vs Browser UX now.

In Classic UI 21.2 is it the same as 9. In Browser UX in 22.2 UD fields are not blocked.