MRP 'cancels' immediately...sometimes

Our nightly ‘Process MRP’ task fails with a status of ‘Cancelled’ on a seemingly random basis. The difference between the start time and end time is only a couple of seconds, so it’s definitely not timing out:

Other threads suggest that this is caused by an issue with the credentials used to run the task, but this doesn’t seem to be the case here because the Process MRP task completes successfully most days.

So far I haven’t found any pattern to these task failures. I’m pretty new to Epicor (< 1 year in), so I appreciate any suggestions as to what I need to look at next.

Bill Cox

You may need to create a new task for MRP with logging turned on and schedule it to find out what is happening. Remember to take the old task out of the scheduler until you figure out what is happening.

Word of warning, you will want to keep a tab on the logs as they can eventually take up a lot of disk space.

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Thanks Beth. I’ll give this a try and see what emerges. Epicor system admin is not my primary job responsibility, so I may have some really basic questions on how to interpret log entries.

In addition to logs, any clues in the system monitor?
Possible for a user to kick off a conflicting process that would still be active when your scheduled MRP run starts?


Here are the system monitor entries surrounding two recent examples; one that was cancelled and one that completed successfully. It’s possible that the BPM directive ‘Create Invoices from Shipments Process’ sometimes plays havoc with MRP and should be scheduled so as to not overlap. Am I on the right track?



Sometimes I might try to simulate “suspect” situations manually?
Do you have a test system you can play in?
e.g. can you trigger your BPM and while it is active - try to submit MRP for processing?
MRP might throw an error message if that is really the conflict.

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Do you have these in the same process set? Or do you have individual process sets?

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Process MRP is in a separate process set.

@BillCox I would say you are on the right track. I recently found out that to make sure one process is complete before another is to put them in the same process set and not to check the allow simultaneous processing. I was doing MRP Recalc and MRP in the same schedule, but both would start at the same time so recalc was not finished when MRP started.

Odd how it starts at 5:15 or 2 on different days.


Check to see if you have another process MRP running concurrently.

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