MRP does not create JobNumber in the right format? SO ON-LN-RN

Can MRP be set to create JobNum from SO OrderNum-LineNum-RelNum ?

yes. see image. Sorry to say, this is a COMPANY level setting, so all SITES in the company inherit this setting:

Thanks I thought this was the case however MRP is making jobs without honoring that setting? What could be the cause for this?

I didn’t change anything here.

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The order release has to be marked as Make Direct in order for that link to be created. If the part is marked as Non Stock that gets done automatically, otherwise it will have to be check manually.


I have seen it NOT create a job in the specified format if there is already a job by that number. In other words, if someone already created the job, and then closed it, then it cannot create a duplicate, and therefore creates a new sequential number.
but if you have this selected and it is not behaving, you may need to call tech support.

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