MRP process log file not generated

I have just upgraded from Epicor ERP 10.2 to Kinetic2023.1.We have an issue with MRP process log files generated on the application server. There is only an empty folder for the MRP Process owner, but there is no any log files generated under the owner’s folder on the application server. We put some text in the log field on MRP Process menu. Anyone know why? Thank you!

well this is a shot in the dark but is the file locked when MRP is running? Also consider changing the logging level off basic so that it generates it as MRP is ran?

Thank you Max. Yes, we tried different options. There is no log files generated in the folder after MRP process is completed.

Did you every solve this? we are having a very similar problem.

Just a thought, but we have a database server, app server and reports server architecture

The log files are on the report server, which confused me for a while.