MRP Question - Snapshot?

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Does anyone know if MRP takes a snapshot of data prior to running? If I start full MRP during the day and new SOs, parts, demand are entered, are they taken into account during the current MRP run? Apologize if there is information readily available on this, but I couldn’t find anything. We had SQL issues after the upgrade this weekend and are forced to run full MRP today because it affects the business. We however, do not want to affect the run by entering new SOs, parts, BOM changes. Any advice would be appreciated.


There is no snapshot. MRP will process data for any new demand or supply and create links. It will only touch unfirm MRP suggestions everything else remains in tact. The only snapshotty thing you can get is not running a full regen but only a net change. That will leave old MRP suggestions in tact and only create recommendations for new demand.

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So if I add a new demand while MRP is running, will it pick up on that and run MRP against it?

If that part has not already been processed as part of the task, yes. Otherwise, it won’t.