MRP suggested an unfirm job when there was already a job tied to the order release...?

Today we came across an order release where an unfirm job was suggested even though there was already a job tied to the order release and unfortunately we manufactured the second job. When I look through the net change log for the MRP run I see, “Create Intersite Supply…” and then an unfirm job for the sales order release.

UPDATE: we are noticing that the orignal job is being completed and closed and then after that MRP is creating another unfirm job… but why?

Why? What is intersite supply? @timshuwy… any ideas?

Thanks in advance for any help everyone.

Were both jobs and the order release all in the same Site? I assume this is a Make-to-Order job since it’s tied to an Order Release, so are you shipping from the job to that Order and is the Release being marked closed at that point?

They were in the same site. What we have been doing recently is just closing the job. We don’t always ship it off the same day. We think that might be the issue. Do we need to do an autoreceipt into inventory to satisfy the demand if we are not going to ship it off the same day?

If the release is make-direct and the job is make-to-order then when you close the job, Epicor no longer sees any supply for that release and will tell you to make more (the second MRP job). We’re make-to-stock so if anyone else wants to chime in then do, but I believe you should leave make-direct jobs open (possibly complete) until all linked shipments occur. This way the demand and financials all flow correctly – currently I would think all of your job costs are going to variance if you were to run the WIP/Inventory reconciliation report before shipping.

If the order is make-direct and you receive the parts from the job to inventory so you can close it without having variances then the order still won’t see the supply from inventory. You’ll need to go into the order and change it to fulfill from stock for it to recognize the received quantity.


@tsmith gave the solution! Sounds like you closed a Make Direct job before it was shipped. It was for this reason that 20+ years ago, my former Employer decided to make everything to stock even though we “didn’t stock finished parts”. In our world, we only made our highly engineered single customer parts once the customer placed the order. but we didnt want to leave wip open if the parts came through early, or if we had higher than expected yield. So, it was easier to ALWAYS finish to stock, and then ship from stock.

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@tsmith thanks a lot man. @timshuwy so if we leave the job just complete and open we will be alright, right? I will look into the finish to stock option. I have a feeling a lot will need to change in our process to accommodate that suggestion… not a bad thing, just need to figure it out.

Yes, you should be ok if you simply leave the job open… Note that on the Job Closing process it tells you if there are open items… The quantity complete (red circle) tells you how many parts you completed on the job… the quantities inside the pink box is telling you how many finished parts have been relieved from the job by either Receiving to stock, to another Job, or by shipping (as would be the case in a Make Direct job).
Any time there is a quantity complete, but not received/shipped, and you close the job, you will cause problems. Some people try to close everything without fully examining this screen… but that is why we have this screen. For you to make sure that everything is done. to verify that all materials are issued, all labor is charged, AND all finished items are received/shipped.

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OH… by the way, you can “unclose” the job if you didn’t mean to, and it will make it available again.

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@timshuwy good to know. Do you know if auto job closing checks those fields before it closes the job?

Well, it depends on which version. I know that over time this has changed. we have an open call with Tech Support re auto-close being too aggressive on auto closing too early. If you find that it does, you should submit a service call.

Okay, in other words, you would expect it to stay open and not auto-close if the (recv’d stock + recv’d to job + shipped qty) < complete qty ?

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we do that here and often wondered why. I bet this was their reason too.

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What do you do often? @Kimberley

Sorry I was replying to @timshuwy about moving everything to stock and shipping form stock; probably to keep items out of WIP.


Yes, that would be my expectation. If you still have open/unreceived finished parts, then it should not auto close, and if it does, I believe that is misbehaving software.

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@tsmith thanks again! @timshuwy thank you for your help and insight!


@tsmith @timshuwy do you know how I could go about calculating the three fields on the job closing screen (Recv’d to Stock, Recv’d to Job, Shipped)?

Query Erp.PartTran in subqueries:

  • Rec’d to Stock: TranType = “MFG-STK”
  • Rec’d to Customer (shipped): TranType = “MFG-CUS”
  • Rec’d to Job: TranType = “MFG-WIP” (@timshuwy can you confirm this? I’m not 100% sure on this since we don’t receive job-job, but this is what the Technical Reference says.)

You can filter by TranType and group by JobNum/AssemblySeq/OprSeq to sum up the total quantity transacted.

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That was my first thought, just didn’t know if it was 100% the best way. Thanks Tyler!