MRP- supplier lead time

Hello, we have noticed some strange things happening when MRP runs and then looking at PO suggestions, this seems to be completely random and is different from instance to instance.

We have found that SPL lead times are being ignored on both net change and regenerative MRP runs randomly compaired to new Po suggestions lead time will show 0 although SPL data is available.

There doest seem to be any connection between parts ie… part class, vendor etc…

Some runs have zero erros and then the next run may reasult in iover 600 errors.

Hi Matt,

Is there any chance you are seeing the difference for purchasing bought to fulfill safety stock vs not to fulfill safety stock? When the system sees you are below SS it wants it that day. In the new PO suggestion data you will see the term Urgent under “urgent planning” field if the part is being bought to satisfy SS.