MRP & UnFirm Sales Orders - Vantage 8.03.409a

Thank you for your response... I have had a reply from Epicor confirming 'that this issue was reported on SCR 76644 in version 8.03.409 It reads 'Process MRP considers unfirm order releases within Days of Supply'.

Guess we'll have to find a work around!

We seem to have an issue where MRP is creating jobs for some parts where the Sales Order is UnFirm.  I am not sure if this is related to the Days of Supply as it is working as shown below:

Part Demand:  50 x 20/02/2015 (Firm) and 50 x 28/02/2015 (UnFirm)

MRP Suggestions:  50 x 20/02/2015 (UnFirm Job)

I believe this is correct and how the system should work

Part Demand:  50 x 20/02/2015 (Firm) and 50 x 23/02/2015 (UnFirm)

MRP Suggestions:  100 x 20/02/2015 (UnFirm Job)

I am wondering if this is due to the fact the part has Days of Supply set to 5 to link jobs together as I can't see another reason for this to occur....  Has anyone seen anything like this?  Or can offer any alternative reasons \ solutions?

I know at one time getting too many suggestions for some parts with a "days of supply" specified.
I don't remember the details though.

I might put a fresh copy in my test database and try MRP with different master file settings.
Kind of tedious to set up & keep re-running MRP but has helped me solve some puzzles like this.
Thanks for your reply.  I have copied our database over to test and am running various alternatives and I have also raised the call with Epicor.  I wasn't sure if it was a bug or something anybody else had ran into before...  We do have other parts where the Days of Supply is 5 that are working fine but those parts don't have an Unfirm Sales Order within 5 days of a Firm Sales Order which made me raise the question.
I've not had MRP create jobs for any unfirmed SO.  It will create jobs greater than demand if I have a minimum run quantity or safety stock set on the part.