What will PO Sug and MRP generate for?

I feel like I’ve known this answer forever, but I’m being tested at this point I guess. We have implemented some changes to our MTO and Stock parts. I’m seeing PO suggestions and MRP suggestions for demand of releases that are not firm and order is on hold. Order on Hold I can understand but if a release is not firm I didn’t believe any supply links would be generated for it. Am I missing a setting somewhere?

Unfirm Release

Order Shortages showing the soft link

Time phase for the part showing there is no oher demand causing the MRP job. Just these two not firm releases. I should note the MRP job was deleted before I took this screenshot but was still in pegging since that’s not “real-time”

Field help would indicate I shouldn’t be getting a suggestion for these too.

Is the 030296 job an unfirm suggestion or an actual job in the system?

That one is a firmed job. That will supply the second release. The first release is the one causing us issues. The second release was already firmed with a ship date. The first release was not firmed as it was waiting on a ship date from the customer.

@jgiese.wci Are there rogue PartDtl records for the unfirm releases?

I couldn’t say without doing a database restore at this point. The release was firmed at 1253 today and our REGEN runs at 1300. I have seen PO suggestions do this same thing to me so now i’m getting sus of the whole thing

I have never used Pegging, so take this with a grain of salt.

It looks like since you already have a firm Job in the system, Pegging is saying the qty produced from that job could supply the unfirm release. Then, since that job qty is gone, it is suggesting a job for the firm release for July.

Neither release was firmed. I misspoke. Our scheduler manually created the job for july and went off menu because she knew, internally, the date for that release was good. She then deleted the MRP suggestion for the first release we see in pegging because she knew that date was not good on that release.

Can you manually peg? Did the scheduler say that this job is pegged to this release? Would that create a “firm” demand even if the release is unfirm?

There are two things from the help that I think apply here.

“but note that you still ship an unfirm release.”

“The application will do everything except help you to prepare to fulfill the demand.”

You will not get a suggestion for the May date because it is unfirm, but the system is still expecting you to ship it. So, when it sees that 40 will be in inventory, it assumes you will use that 40 to fill the May release. Then (if my above questions are correct) since the July release was manually pegged which made it “firm”, the system is suggesting a new job to meet that “firm” unfirm demand.

Am I making any sense?

No lol. But I can’t recreate the scenario on command either so I may just have to restore the database to this morning and see what I am working with. I don’t know what called for that MRP job because it was already gone before I got alerted to any issue.