Multi-Company - Quick Search

I created a number of BAQs and then created QuickSearch utilizing those BAQs. I did this for one company, but we have multiple companies. When I go and tried using the QuickSearch from the other company, it is not available. The BAQ is available since I set it Cross-Company. Is there a setting I just need to check to make it available for other companies, or do I need to create the QuickSearch for each company?

did you ever get a resolution/response?

You have to deploy the Quick Search to each Company. Package your QuickSearch without the BAQ by itself and deploy that to each Company… Its Company Specific, not Global.

  1. Your BAQ can be All Companies and Global
  2. Your QuickSearch must be deployed to each Company.

The way I package mine is:

The Instructions state to deploy the Quick Search Per Company.


Spectacular! thank you for the quick reply!

Tested and worked like a charm!!!

Thank you very much.


thank you this is also the problem i just had!
Have a nice day!