Multiple Resources on a Single Operation

Has anyone found a way to indicate multiple members of a single resource group can be added to an operations scheduling requirements?

Operation A-requires 4 resources from Resource Group B (operators) before it can schedule an operation to begin.

Resource Group B-contains 6 Resources (C,D,E,F,G,H)

Operation B-requires only one member of Resource Group B

I know I can set crew size for costing purposes, and scheduling blocks to indicate more than a single scheduling block can be assigned. Is there a way to have Epicor schedule around these constraints?

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We ended up purchasing the APS module. This allowed us to add the same resource group multiple times to an operation. Doing so selected a new member of the resource group each time we added it. Maybe it was the long way around, but at least we have a solution

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have you tried changing the scheduling blocks at the operation level instead of resource group level

Yes, when we tried that it allowed the scheduling engine to assign 2 blocks of schedule to an individual resource, rather than assigning multiple resources to a single block.

so what i meant is, you can assign the needed no. of scheduling blocks at operation level, thereby each operation will call the relevant required number of resources rather than fixed no. when assigned at resource group level, and this should solve your issue