Multiple supplier price lists on same PO

The supplier price autofills on the PO line based on the supplier price list effective on the PO order date. We are experiencing frequent price changes which require updated price lists. We have existing POs which now need to be updated with new pricing. We can go in and override the pricing on these POs. However, when we go into that PO again to make any other adjustment (i.e. due date, promise date, new release, etc), the pricing reverts back to an old price list based on the PO order date.

Does anyone know of a fix for this issue? Our suppliers do not want us to issue new POs. If we have blanket POs with the supplier, we cannot get Epicor to update to the new price list because the new effective date is after the blanket order date.

In this case, the only which might help is, every time when a new price list received. Expire the curent price list and add the new price list with the new effective date.

Override Price List checkbox on the PO Line should help

I don’t think override price list existed in E9. I used the ABL code below to save the price and reset it back.

/* Reset Locked Price */

For each ttPODetail where ttPODetail.CheckBox02 = true and ttPODetail.Number01 <> 0.00.

		Message " DEBUG Change Rel Qty " + string(ttPODetail.PartNum) + string(ttPODetail.Number01).

		ttPODetail.UnitCost = ttPODetail.Number01.
		ttPODetail.DocUnitCost = ttPODetail.Number01.


/* Save PO Price if Lock is checked */

For each ttPODetail where ttPODetail.CheckBox02 = true and ttPODetail.Number01 <> ttPODetail.UnitCost.

		 ttPODetail.Number01 = ttPODetail.UnitCost.