PO Suggestions - Price 'Resets' on creating PO

Our buyers are seeing an issue where they change the unit price on a PO Suggestion, but after generating the PO the unit price on the PO is the value from before they made the change.

I have been able to repeat a specific instance of the issue (that happened this morning) by restoring a backup to our Test system and processing a PO Suggestion where a buyer had this issue occur.

However, it doesn’t happen every time, and I haven’t found a common link between the instances where it does happen.

Any ideas?

Hi friends,
I took this to Epicor Customer Support and the response was that this is due to having a price in the Supplier Price List and not checking the ‘Override Price List’ option on the PO Suggestion.

Checking ‘Override Price List’ on the PO Suggestion results in the behavior we want.

HOWEVER, according to the Epicor Application Help (if I’m reading it correctly), when the Override Price List option is unchecked, the Unit Price field should be ‘locked’ or ‘read-only’. This is not the case. It is editable, and appears to save without any issue. It is only after creating the PO that the user realizes the adjusted price was not applied.

Is our Epicor system not behaving according to the documentation, or am I misunderstanding something? If the price is going to be reverted to the value on the Price List, why am I able to edit the Unit Price value at all?

From the Epicor Application Help:
“If you clear the check box (default value), you cannot manually override the displayed unit price in the Unit Price field; the Epicor application does the following: Retrieves pricing information from the associated supplier price list and locks in the displayed price.”


Override Price List is unchecked. The unit price is edited and saved. No error or warning, no prevention of editing the unit price.


@andrew.johnson Override Price list just makes it not read the price list. So locked only in the sense that the programming is treating the field as read only, but definitely not setting the field to not be editable. I set the override for our users if they manually change the price, so they “don’t forget” to set it.

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Thanks Greg, that was my plan if this is the designed behavior. I will go ahead an implement that BPM.

Thanks for your response.

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