Navigating between multiple selected records in Kinetic?

Currently a Classic user/company looking to migrate to Kinetic UI but I am struggling with a few things that seem to be fundamental but also seem to be missing.
One of the biggest being the ability to search for and then select multiple records and be able to move between them as you could in classic, either by arrows or the drop down and select the record.
In Kinetic once I go into the record it seems I have to rerun my search again, am I just missing something or is this really something they chose to ignore?

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When you have a form open like Order Entry it shows all the sales orders. Click the search icon and search for the orders you want and then in the pop-out click the checkbox next to the orders you want to load up.

Once loaded it looks like you can only see one at a time, but click this little button to see the list:


This is one of those areas where I feel that Kinetic is not as intuitive as Classic.

Take Sales Order Entry for example. You can’t really multi-select from the landing page, which is a shame. You can fire the Sales Order Search and then multi select records from within the search and it now automagically filters the landing page though. While there aren’t navigation buttons for previous/next record anymore, when you follow the breadcrumbs back to the landing page, it is still filtered with your initial search. So you can still navigate between your selected records.

Oddly enough, if you are on the Order Details tab and fire the Sales Order Search, you cannot multi-select. However, in Part, which no longer has a landing page, you can multi-select from the Part Details Part Search.



This was fixed to work at some point but don’t recall when.



Thank you, this was exactly what I was looking for, I agree it is not nearly as intuitive as classic but so long as the functionality exists I can deal with the retraining on the UI hurdle.

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