Something nice about Kinetic

Sure, there are lots of bugs in Kinetic, no argument whatsoever.

But I had an aha moment just now, and I thought this was mighty sharp.

The main screens in Kinetic all start out with the list of top X recent things - like sales orders with the highest ID. OK cool. And capping the initial dataset at 100 rows is a good move.

But the aha today was to slap a filter on this baby. This saves so many steps!

Example: I wanted to find a random sales order to a “customer” who is really a supplier of ours. On rare occasion we sell stuff back to them (not as a DMR).

Old way of finding this info:

  1. Open Sales Order Entry/tracker
  2. Click search button
  3. Click Customer search button
  4. Type what I HOPE the customer’s name begins with
  5. Click Search (this is in the customer search inside the order search)
  6. Maybe find it; click the customer row
  7. Click OK
  8. Click Search in the Order search
  9. Click the one I want
  10. Click OK

New way:
(Step zero: put the filters on that grid and save the layout for the future)

  1. Open Sales Order Entry/tracker
  2. Type any portion of that customer’s name in the appropriate column header
  3. Click the link on the order I want

I like this.