đźš» nearby? Cutting over tonight

I feel a bit like I used to at AA meetings… Hi, my name is Steve and I’m going live tonight and frankly pooping myself…

Had to abort cutover twice, paid for Epicor’s “do it for me” package but have done 90% myself… have rebuilt over 40 customizations from my predecessors… so excuse the self-disclosure but I’m stressing way more than I need to. Boss said “third time’s a charm” but it sure sounded like “three strikes…”

Did a last dry run yesterday, have now done this upgrade 14 times. Everything should work but boy it’s a complex beast. Wish me luck y’all.


Steve, good luck tonight. No matter what happens you have tested the S**T out of the process and that’s the most you can do.


One step at a time my friend.


Here’s hoping your Go live is more successful than hours… We are currently at week 3 of “Go Live” :zipper_mouth_face:

I’ll let you know when we are done LoL we finally issued some material yesterday :rofl:

Good luck friend! and if you need a shoulder to cry on feel free to come vent, you are among friends who know the suffering well :yum:

But I’m sure it will be fine!


Hey mon ami!

Toutes mes pensées seront avec toi pour cette merveilleuse aventure! Comme tu l’a dit, tu l’a testé en masse… mais je comprends ton stress… tu est sur une ligne de vie assez courte si l’entreprise est barrée de Epicor suite a ce changement! As-tu un plan de contingence sinon ???

Bonne chance!

Bien hâte de pouvoir prendre une bière avec toi bientôt! (psst. on a le droit par chez nous… a partir d’aujour’dhui!)


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Merci Pierre, oui en effet - toutefois, en fait je ne crains pas pour mon emploi, j’ai déjà su épargner 26% sur la main-d’oeuvre en amélioration des processus… cela étant dit, je reçois 2-3 alertes Epicor de Indeed.com chaque jour au cas où! :wink:

Oui c’est vrai que les restrictions sont allégés dès aujourd’hui et je vis sur l’île Perrot - mais “moi je bois de l’eau” ces jours-ci, mon référence alcooliques anonymes est de plus vrai :grin:

'scuse mon français “intermédiaire”, j’ai avancé à un certain niveau mais avec tous nos clients aux États-Unis je ne pratique pas assez.

Merci pour vos souhaits!


(Qu’est-ce que le heck? L’as tu déjà remarqué que le drapeau Québécois Unicode comporte des serpents américains au lieu des fleurs-de-lys?)

Bon, je travaille le nuit, je m’en vais dormir un peu…

Good luck @SteveFossey some upgrades are crazy.
Just curious, what version are you coming from and going to?

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For us our average order size is tiny and volume high, so 3 weeks equals some 9000 order lines, all make-to-order. It’s an amazing system, actually, but these are the times that try mens’ souls to 10.2.700.7

The theory was that 10.2.X to 10.2.X couldn’t be that bad, and I can see from other release notes that it could be worse.

The biggest issue was, as I’ve written elsewhere, that our many, many customizations assumed concurrent database updates where they’re no longer allowed. I fully endorse this change, but I wasn’t prepared for the amount of development I’d need to do. My poor rubber duck has taken a beating.

Really appreciate the support on here and 99% of issues were resolved by searching these halls of learning, whether I posted or not.


Dang man, yeah different indeed. Also the learning as you go is always difficult. Post on here when you can so we can try and help and also learn with you.

Do you have any consulting/third party person you can reach out to if need be?

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yes, will do - my track record isn’t awesome (never did write that DMT how-to on github) but I’m trying to record the stuff learned on this project. Despite the UI changes I’m seeing more continuity than divergence in K21 so I’m sure it isn’t wasted.

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Holy Cow we’re done


Well Done!

Star Wars Kid … man I forgot about him.

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Congrats!! Job well done!

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Good luck Steve with your Go-Live


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@EDoe! Long time, buddy. Merci beaucoup!

We went live and (touchons du bois) everyone is happy. We had two major issues, one with the material tags and one with service connect. The tags are fixed and Service Connect almost. Otherwise we’ve processed a couple of hundred orders and probably about a couple of thousand jobs.

Memories of sitting in - - --'s office arguing, right? I think we’re better and clearer this time around. Good times!