Need to default all UIx to Kinetic - In the Cloud

Epicor just deployed a new environment for the customer that I am working with.
It is defaulting to Classic Forms, not Kinetic Forms.

The menu option Kinetic Form Management - available in 2022.1? is no longer an option.

I can’t believe that I am requesting for Kinetic as the default, but the customer is insisting on this.

I have submitted a ticket because checking help,
All programs that have a Kinetic interface open as Kinetic web forms by default. However, you can change your default form type settings for standard forms, globally or on a form-by-form basis.

I have tried the user preferences, but that doesn’t fix the issue.

Any ideas?
Not sure how long Epicor will take to solve this issue.

I found the answer - on EpicCare.


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