Negative Qty On Hand Inventory :: Adjust Inventory with Negative

Team. I’m running into an issue with Epicor. Some customers want to adjust the inventory but it does not take negative Values. How can they adjust the inventory ?

They should be able to enter a negative. Note, they must enter a reason in order to make an adjustment.

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Are you using “Quantity adjustment” form to adjust ?
Does the part have on-hand quantity ?

Yes, it has a negative Value…

If the QOH is -10 and you want it to be zero, enter a Qty of 10 in Adjust Qty program.

In addition to selecting a Reason code, you must select the Bin you’re adjusting too.

If the problem is that you actually have 15 physically on hand, but the system says you have 25 in bin A, and -10 in bin B (which nets to 15), then use an Inventory transfer to move 10 from Bin A to Bin B.


Also there is a company level setting that can disable transactions that would cause QOH to go negative.

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Thank You for the reply. Yes, we were able to do that … Thanks again …

cross check the part class setup.
If the “STOP” option selected for the negative quantity action. It will not allow negative on-hand transaction.

If we do this to 0 -ve qty…
Is there any impact on any GL.
Please tell

A Quantity Adjustment will create GL transactions. As the value of inventory will change.

If you do inventory transfers to zero out a bin, then there should be no GL transactions. Because the total inventory qty remains the same.

we have the problem is that you actually have 0 physically on hand, but the system says you have 39 in bin A, 6 in bin B and -45 in bin C (which nets to 0), then which method we should use to adjust qty. Its urgent please suggest asap.

Could you cross check the UOM in each bin and the Inventory UOM in the part master.
Are they same ?
If the answer is yes, then use the UOM split merge option.
Material Management → Inventory Management → General Operations → UOM Split / Merge.

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You should be able to use ‘Inventory Transfer’ to move the part from the positive bins to the negative bin and bring the negative bin up to zero.

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