Negative WIP Balances


we have negative WIP balances appearing on our work in process report on closed jobs.

Some of these are because of job adjustments

How do I clear these negative balances?


I believe WIP is cleared when you run your Month end Capture.

Yes, True…but it isnt clearing any of the negative wip balances.

Are the jobs closed? The Capture and Post that occurs after job closure should move any residual WIP (positive or negative) to an adjustment account and zero out the job.

A. Mercer Sisson
A M Sisson - Consulting, LLC

They will only clear if you have the “Post Cost of Sales / Mfg Variance button checked.

This is in Version 9. I don’t know if it’s the same in 10.

Yes, the jobs are closed.

And I tick Post Cost of Sales / MFG Variance. But still it doesnt clear the negative wip balances.

Does the WIP Reconciliation Report show any phantom purge or other unposted transactions for theses jobs? If so there might be some issues with your posting rules. What does support say?

A. Mercer Sisson
A M Sisson - Consulting, LLC

the WIP report is showing no unposted transactions.

Are they old jobs? Perhaps you need to post outdated transactions too?

Just a thought.

I’ve never seen this fail to clear the WIP.


I have now found the problem…

it was credits matched to jobs through job adjustments, but the jobs had previously been closed and captured, marking these as WIP Cleared in the Job closing screen. When they were reopened to make the adjustments, WIP Cleared remained ticked in the Job Closing screen when they were closed.

I have gone through the jobs with negative balances on Jobs with “Only if WIP Cleared is Yes”

Unticked Closed, Unticked Complete. Save. Untick WIP Cleared. Save. Tick Closed. Save.

This has brought through the transactions as unposted on the Inv/Wip Report.

Thanks for your help